INTERSECTION VENTURES is a startup studio. We create and invest in startups combining the wisdom of the crowd and machine learning.

What we do

We build and grow technology-enabled startups that have two things in common. (1) Are applying the wisdom of the crowds and machine learning. (2) Have a trajectory to monetise and break even in 18 months.

Our ideas are developed and nurtured in-house where we experiment to systematically de-risk the investments.


We leverage new technologies and innovation to accelerate convergence across industries. Our commitment is to build 6 new ventures that explore these opportunities. Each venture is gradually released with traction for exit or further independent fundraising and growth.

Tutorean is an Edtech marketplace addressing a broken education model designed for a non-existent average student. The value proposition includes a student profile diagnosis, a match with an ideal tutor to maximize the learning intake, and a personalized learning experience.

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Atomic Hire is a recruitment platform that helps companies to attract, manage and select the best candidates reducing costs and increasing efficiency. It uses collaboration, best practices and analytics to shape a faster hiring process.

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Our innovation process is focused on experimentation to validate key business assumptions. Most of these experiments are short-lived. However, some will grow into becoming micro-sites and prototypes, eventually evolving into one of our portfolio ventures.

Too Smart for my Job
60 Second Cold Shower
Belong at my Company

Our Development Stack

Our tech stack keeps evolving with each experiment and new venture. We pick the right tech for the job while considering the reusability of the assets. We also foster a stack that connects Science, Growth and Engineering.

aws cloudflare python vue angular

Venture invesment

We strategically invest up to £100k pre-seed and seed investments in startups that (1) have collective intelligence as a core value, (2) are led by outstanding people and (3) that we believe that Intersection Ventures can provide value.

Who we are

INTERSECTION VENTURES is made up of a multidisciplinary team; we are builders at heart and passionate about how human and machine intelligence will improve our lives.



We have cumulatively founded 15 startups



Our team is made up of 5 different nationalities



We have an office in Lisbon and London



We have collectively lived in 10 different countries

Pedro da Cunha


Programmed a robotic arm to touch a ball hanging from the middle of a room using a camera, odometric sensors and a laser range finder.


Pedro do Carmo Costa


Ran my first marathon at age 44. I've since completed 4. While raising 4 kids. Lived in 4 (+1) continents.


João Malcata


Selected to crew a beautiful four-masted schooner named Creoula on a diplomatic journey from Lisbon to Cape Verde.


Jack Benton

Chief Science Officer

Taught myself to play piano, draw, paint, rock climb and much more. Flexibility to acquire new skills has become my signature acheivement.


Miguel Costa

Senior Product Designer

Ran 2000km from 2014-2016, without any previous running experience.


Paulo Vega

Growth Venture Manager

Obsessed with finding (and optimizing) sustainable traction channels through experimentation and data.


Xavier Jameson


Learnt 1,000 digits of pi at age 9 and some years later was invited to compete in the British Maths Olympiad team trials.


Martin Quach

Chief Investment and Growth Officer

Climbed the Matterhorn (6th most lethal mountain in the world). Without a guide. First time wearing crampons and using ice axe.


Teresa Nogueira

Business Analyst

Playing tennis since the age of seven, ranked #8 in Portugal by the age of eighteen.


Simone Missagia

Growth Hacker

Developed a natural plant-based emulsifier and published 3 research papers.


Pedro Valerio

Senior Front-end engineer

Two times futsal national college champion and team captain, having played at a competitive level since the age of 13.


Vasco Ramalho

Business Analyst

Played violin in a concert for 2.000 people in Morocco, two months after playing violin for the first time.


Maria Correia

Junior Research and Data Scientist

Finished a grueling 24h hike along Costa Vicentina, self-appointed expert on all the best food and sunset spot in coastal Alentejo.


Work with us

We’re always looking for the most talented people to join our fast-growing team.
If you are looking for a job opportunity:

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Intersection Ventures - Lisbon

Avenida 24 de Julho, 3, 1st floor DTO,
1200-480 Lisboa

Our Lisbon office is located in Cais do Sodre with a lovely view of the river. Cais do Sodre is described as "the understatedly cool and trendy district of Lisbon, which has spearheaded the recent transformation of the city from traditional, to progressive and liberal". It is perfectly connected with both metro, trains, buses, boats and bikes.

Intersection Ventures - London

6th floor - Landmark Victoria
105 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 6QT

Our London office is in Victoria and just a short walk from the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham palace. Only a minute walk from Victoria tube station, it's perfectly connected with most tube lines, trains and buses.

25th April bridge
Cais Sodre
Lisbon tram


WE BELIEVE that the intersection of human and machine intelligence can solve existing and emerging problems. That's why we combine the power of the crowd and the power of algorithms.

OUR VISION is to empower the world with the power of collective intelligence.

OUR MISSION is to create, develop and grow 6 startups in 6 old fashioned market-proven industries, longing for a tech upgrade.

New companies are emerging at the intersection of machine and collective human intelligence; funding in this sector has multiplied nearly ninefold from $1.7B in 2013 to $15.2B in 2017.


Seeking investment?

We invest in startups in pre-seed and seed stages.
We will support you with (1) Collective Intelligence, (2) our network and (3) our team.

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