INTERSECTION VENTURES is a venture builder focused on developing high potential business opportunities where applied collective intelligence will have the power to solve big consumer and industry problems.

What we do

We build and grow technology-enabled business ventures that have two things in common: they use the power of collective intelligence to change the dynamics of its industry and they create and capture substantial value with a robust business model.

We also make strategic pre-seed and seed investments in startups with a related technological portfolio and led by outstanding people.


  • Ideas are nurtured and developed in-house
  • We use a systematic de-risking and experimental approach
  • We create and capture substantial value using the collective intelligence


  • We invest up to £100K at pre-seed and seed stages
  • Collective Intelligence should be at the core of value creation
  • Our building platform can be used to accelerate the startup


We believe that the intersection of human and machine intelligence can solve existing and emerging problems and that’s why we combine the power of the crowd and the power of algorithms.

At the intersection of machine and human collective intelligence where new companies have appeared. Funding in this sector has multiplied nearly sevenfold, from $45M in 2010 to $310M in 2015.


Group intelligence is a powerful tool for many applications. Our ventures harnesses this collective intelligence to build effective solutions to problems that benefit from increasing collaboration and better decision making.


The data sets created by real life interactions and used to teach our algorithms. Machine learning is put to use to continuously fine tune all human experience and create real value through efficiency and accuracy.

Who we are

Two seasoned international managers and entrepreneurs. Builders at heart and passionate about how human and machine intelligence will change literally everything. Combined 30+ years in engineering, consulting, management and venturing.

Pedro da Cunha
Pedro do Carmo Costa

Work with us

We’re always looking for the most talented people to join our fast growing team. If you are looking for a job opportunity, get in touch.

Looking for venture investment?

We invest in startups in pre-seed and seed stages. Ready to leverage Collective Intelligence using our building platform and worldwide business network?

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